gel insoles

Filled with relaxing gel

Relax Slippers™ insoles are filled with pellets of relaxing gel. This gel helps distribute the weight supported by our foot soles. This effect alleviates the tension supported by them all day long, improving circulation and facilitating cell regeneration and oxygenation. Only in Air Flow Sandal and Relax Gel Slippers.

memory insoles

Memory Foam insoles

Relax Foam Slippers™  memory-foam insoles eliminate impact when walking and foot strain caused by standing, and release pressure on feet, ankles, legs, knees and the lumbar area. With adjustable closing to fit any type of foot and soft velvety touch.

warm slippers

Smooth, warm material

All our organs recover better if we wrap them in a warm atmosphere. This is what Relax Slippers™’s fabric exactly does. It helps maintain the cold away, insulating our feet from the floor temperature and keeping the warmth inside. Moreover, their smooth touch is very pleasant for our feet.

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